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Dances With Degas
2015. Mixed digital media on Hahnemuhle paper.

Dances With Degas – A New Fine Art Nude for Sale

I hope you had a great summer. It’s been a very inspiring and productive few months around here. To wit, here’s another new fine art nude for sale. Edgar Degas, a rather famous 19th century French painter whose figure work and work in general was and is a strong influence on me and this piece, hence the title. He, along with Rembrandt and Ingres, numbers among the greatest draftsman who ever lived. Dances With Degas is another in a series inspired by works and artists that have been influential in my work.
A couple of recent exhibitions at the De Young Museum in San Francisco apparently have made quite the impression on me. The first, works from the Scottish National Galleries, was like opening an art history book from years ago. Great works of art that I’ve seen in books over and over again, many of which I’ve actually done studies of, seemed to appear out of the Bay Area fog. Each new room a new chapter. Having never been to Scotland, more’s the pity, I’d never seen these works in person. My wife can attest that I was literally ecstatic, flying from one room to the next and back again. But the one piece that probably riveted me the most in the Scottish show was a Degas, the first image below.
Add to the brew a dazzling and sublime exhibition of J.M.W. Turner‘s late work at the De Young and the stage was set for a new, or perhaps renewed, body of work. Turner’s been one of my most profound influences. He was an unbridled Romantic and one of the great colorists of all time. He’s been hailed as the precursor of Impressionism, the painter of light and the father of modern art. I first paid serious attention to him in my twenties when I was studying color theory rather intensely and have never been quite the same, thankfully. Looking at his work can have the curious effect of not fearing your own mortality and being intensely glad to be alive at the same time. A good definition of spiritual experience, in my humble opinion. A print of one of his pieces, The Burial At Sea, hung on the wall at the foot of my bed for ten years or more. It was the first thing I saw in the morning and the last thing at night.
Reeling from these dizzying encounters with old friends in the Scottish show and the Turner show new inspiration is flowing from me. Dances With Degas is one of the first of this new body of work. The model for Dances With Degas, Lyndsey, is one of my favorite models of all time. An extraordinarily beautiful woman, a great collaborator and an inspiration in her own right. Thanks, Lyndsey.

Some Background

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Diego Martelli Woman Drying Herself 4a630110387c876a9757e528fa5de409
The Burial At Sea
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Images courtesy of Wikipedia and their respective collections.

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12″ x 12″ Pigment print on Hahnemuhle Museum Etching paper.
Signed, numbered limited edition of 10.
Includes registered certificate of authenticity and provenance.
22″ x 22″ Pigment print on Hahnemuhle Museum Etching paper.
Signed, numbered limited edition of 3.
Includes registered certificate of authenticity and provenance.

NOTE: Delivered prints are NOT watermarked in any form. Naturally sale prices are likely to increase as an edition sells.