Frequently Asked Questions

What is a limited edition print?

Limited edition fine art prints are prints that have a finite printing run, usually no more than 100 prints and sometimes as few as six or less. Historically, this was the limit that an etching could be printed and still maintain high quality. After each print, the etching press would compress the copper plate that that the image was etched on. This degraded the image a little after each print and rendered it pretty much useless after 100 impressions were run. Consequently, the first print, numbered 1/100, was considered the most valuable since it preserved the integrity of the artist's vision the best. A few "artist's proofs" and sometimes "printer's proofs" were actually the first images printed and are still considered of greater value. These proofs were usually reserved until the numbered edition sold completely.

Today, even in the digital age, these traditional norms still persist. There are new strategies, however to guarantee the integrity of your limited edition investment. All limited edition prints that I produce are accompanied by an archival certificate of authenticity. Holographic seals with unique serial numbers are affixed to both the back of the print and the certificate. At your option and at no extra cost, the piece and its serial number are then registered on an independently maintained, publicly searchable database. Records are also kept by me, of course.

For my part, the limited editions I produce fall into two categories:

The first, usually limited to 10 numbered prints plus 3 artist's proofs, has image dimensions of no more than 12" x 18" and, due to the image's aspect ratio, may be as small as 12"x 12". All limited edition prints are printed on 13" x 19" Hahnemuhle paper by me personally and signed, numbered and dated in pencil on the verso (back side).

The second, are larger prints starting at approximately 16" x 20" with most in the 20" x 30" range or even larger. These can have as many as 10 to an edition or as few as 3, plus artist's proofs. Generally speaking, the larger the print, the fewer pieces in the edition. These prints are produced in extremely close collaboration with a local fine art printer that I work with consistently. I supervise and approve each print as it comes off the printer. They are printed on an Epson fine art printer using Hahnemuhle German Etching paper. Of course, like all my prints, they are completely archival.



What is an open edition print?

Open edition prints are smaller prints, usually printed to fit an 8 1/2 inch by 11 inch piece of archival paper. The image dimensions are no more than 8" x 10" and, due to the image's aspect ratio, may be as small as 8"x 8". All open edition prints are printed on Hahnemuhle paper by me and signed and dated in pencil on the verso (back side).

NOTE: Open edition prints are not accompanied by a certificate of authenticity nor are they registered.

What is a "Certificate of Authenticity"?

A certificate of authenticity protects your investment from forgeries and other illicit schemes. A tamper-proof, holographic seal with a registration serial number is affixed to the back of the print you receive. A corresponding seal is also affixed to an archival certificate of authenticity that accompanies the print. The forgery resistant security characteristics found in this system are both visible and invisible in the forms of serial number, Guilloche with relief, rainbow-pressure, watermarks and a special UV signature. At the buyer's option and at no extra cost, the piece is then registered online with Hahnemuhle, the paper manufacturer, in a publicly available, searchable database. Records are also kept by me, of course.


What are your shipping policies?

Unframed limited edition prints ship without charge in the contiguous 48 U.S. states. Shipping to Alaska, Hawaii and U.S. possessions may require additional shipping and handling charges.
Framed or stretched work (oils on canvas, works on paper, etc.) require an additional shipping and handling charge. Please contact us for a quote on a particular piece.

All work to be shipped outside the U.S.A requires an additional shipping and handling charge. Please contact us for a quote on a particular piece or pieces.

How do I commission work?

Private commissions can be executed from an existing photograph or from a set of new sessions. Please use the "COMMISSIONS" from to inquire. If you have an existing phoo you would like me to work from, please attach a digital copy to the message using the upload field.

To commission commercial work please use the "LICENSING" form.

How do I license a digital image for my commercial use?

Please use the "Licensing" form on the CONTACT page to make licensing enquiries.

Is the content of this website copyrighted?

All content is copyright Ward George, unless otherwise specified. All rights are reserved. Any use of the content without prior written permission is expressly forbidden.

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